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For college technical auditions, students will upload portfolio samples, and provide an accompanying video to further illustrate their skills and work details. Students may also provide an optional written response. Students will also provide a headshot and resume.

Presenting Your Online Portfolio:

    • Choose three strong samples that are representative of your work and chosen major. 
    • Each of your samples should be clear and quality -- good production or process photos, or easily readable documents.
    • Since you're unable to share your whole portfolio, you need to be especially thoughtful about which pieces you pick.
      • Try to include samples that are recent, so representatives can see your current capabilities.
      • Choose samples that are relevant to the work you hope to be doing in your chosen major at college. 
      • Choose samples that are well-photographed or clearly readable. Though you will be able to expand in the written response, the sample should be able to speak for itself to a certain extent.
    • Types of samples could include:
      • drafting
      • sketches
      • works in progress
      • renderings (fully completed/colored)
      • production photos
      • light plots
      • pages from journals, promptbooks or marketing materials

    Filming Your Interview Video:

    • Video should be 3-5 minutes of you speaking about your work. Remember to introduce yourself at the start of your video. 
    • The goal is to provide additional context around the work samples you have submitted and who you are as a technician/designer.
    • You may consider including additional images or close-ups of work if that adds value to the conversation.
    • Consider addressing some of the following: 
      • Your work processes, challenges, and takeaways from the productions featured above. 
      • Additional details around the work you did that may not be communicated by images alone.
      • Your working relationship with the production team and your philosophy on how to effectively serve in your particular role.
    • Find an effective filming location
      • Area should be quiet so we can hear you.
      • Film in front of a non-distracting background. If possible, choose a solid-color wall or consider hanging a sheet behind you.
      • Dress neatly, and in a contrasting color from your background.
      • Make sure you are lit enough to be clearly visible.

    Uploading Your Video:

    • Watch your video both before and after uploading to ensure it's what you want to share.
    • Give your file a clear name. Consider something like FirstNameLastName_ITF Technical Audition
    • Check that the link will allow for open access to all representatives. Try playing the video in an incognito window to test privacy settings.

    Answering the Optional Response Question:

    • Provide further context to the attached samples, including more about your work, processes, challenges, and takeaways from the featured productions.
    • Elaborate more about your work generally, your work philosophy, why you're interested in your particular major, etc.
    • Include a link to your website or additional production photos if desired.